Shura Board

IRHSCA’s shura board is made up of brothers and sisters dedicated to the service of the community, in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah. The following individuals make up the 2015 shura board:

  • Kenneth E. Snowden (Chairman)
  • Rashidah Abdul-Haqq (Vice Chair)
  • Carl Anthony Calston Jr. (Treasurer)
  • Aneesah Salim (Organizer of Sister Halaqah)
  • Lauren Schreiber (Public Relations)
  • Jamila Ali (Sister's Coordinator)
  • Muhammad Oda (Programming)
  • Sameer Ali (Director of Weekend School)
  • LaVaughn M. Turner (Shura Board Member)
  • Abdul Jabaar (Shura Board Member)
  • Mujahid Abdul-Rahman (Maintenance)

Get Involved

Communities are only as strong as the individuals that are a part of them. One of IRHSCA’s goals moving into the future is to get more community members involved in shaping our center. We want to hear from you!
If you are interested in volunteering, please download the form below and submit it to the main office or email volunteer@irhsca.org.
Download volunteer form


In 1999 a small group of Muslim families began pursuing Islamic knowledge under the leadership of Sheikh Abdul-Rahman Yaki, who had just graduated from the School of Islamic and Social Sciences in Virginia. The meetings were held in private homes, but soon the numbers grew from the original group of nine. The group decided to search for a larger site and after a few months, negotiations were in place to secure the current facility in Capitol Heights, Maryland. A Shura Board was established and within one year a proposal to purchase the property was drafted.

The name selected for the organization was the Islamic Research and Humanitarian Service Center of America (IRHSCA). This name reflected the founders’ belief that the main objectives should be to both pursue knowledge of the Islamic sciences and serve humanity. The organization was rooted in principles such as inclusion and the shunning of character assassination. It has also become a leader in the improvement of Muslim marriages and family relations. IRHSCA now regularly conducts Jummah Salat that accommodates nearly 500 weekly worshipers as well as a full range of Islamic curriculum and a program designed to assist new converts, and increase the knowledge of the general community.